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Annual Report 2014

"I travel whenever my work gives me the opportunity to do so. The fantastic mobility is also made possible by my job. I am Swissgrid and proud of it."

Patrick Gasser, Specialist in renewable energies and globetrotter

We transport enough energy in a single year to power all Swiss railways for 35 years.


Dear Reader

Swissgrid’s energy and innovative capacity is entirely focused on providing a reliable supply of electricity. We are faced with the daily challenge of balancing supply and demand with the highest possible precision. We believe it is important to help shape the economically efficient, sustainable transition of our country and of Europe into the energy future. Throughout the entire year we ensured that our customers and partners had access to an uninterrupted grid. At the same time we were also focused on the safe development of the Swiss electricity system. VIEW ALL

We transport electricity. Essential for Switzerland. Indispensable for Europe. A driving force that provides quality of life for millions of people. Today and tomorrow.


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electricity pylons

"Every time I go for a swim here I know that without my work this swimming pool would not exist. I am Swissgrid and proud of it."

Michele Mastroianni, Contract Manager Grid Operations and swimmer

2014 in review

In the past financial year, Swissgrid took over the remaining part of the Swiss extra-high-voltage grid and conducted an inventory of the entire system. As a result, the mandate to consolidate the grid will shortly be completed. The relevant milestones to upgrade the infrastructure were also achieved in important construction projects. Swissgrid's role in Europe is now more central than ever before, despite difficult political framework conditions.

Swissgrid can look back on a successful 2014 and look forward to an even better 2015.

CRF continues to "boom"

The enormous interest for cost-covering remuneration for feed-in to the electricity grid (CRF) continued in 2014. In the past financial year, 11,696 applicants submitted their application documents to Swissgrid. This amounts to an average of 975 applications every month, while a total of 1,326 were received in December.

CRF applications
Projects registered since 2009
CRF facilities in operation
1'389 GWh
1'669 GWh
Electricity generated by CRF facilities

"Without my work, all chairlifts would come to a standstill. I am Swissgrid and proud of it."

Markus Lenzin, Head of ICT Corporate Applications and expert in youth and sport ski training

The screws in our 12,000 electricity pylons weigh as much as 140 semitrailers.

Since 2009, Swissgrid has lowered annual costs by 41%.


Swissgrid’s turnover in 2014:

Grid utilisation
General ancillary services
Active power losses
Reactive energy
Balance groups responsible party

"Heading to concerts throughout Europe – our work makes this possible. I am Swissgrid and proud of it."

Monica Zimmermann, Database administrator and live music fan

"Whether practicing a line dance or participating in events – these occasions all require the work that I perform every day. I am Swissgrid and proud of it."

Eva Mathys, Management Assistant and line dancer

Our high-voltage lines
could encircle Lake Constance 25 times.